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Loz Jenova
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October 2006
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Loz Jenova [userpic]
Yaay for Noone.

((Loz is sitting at a desk, pen tucked behind one ear as he tinkers with some metallic object in his blackened-hands. He's talking downward at the object, but the 'web camera' is pointing toward him.))

It's like..Everytime I turn on the computer this song comes on.. It's got little of meaning to it, actually.. But it reminds me of so much..

..I'll spare your ears of my singing. Anyways, I'm extremely restless for some reason. I've been messing with a bunch of the junk in this room. So many different things.. I'm thinking the computer's next. I could probably fix it up better than what it is with all these parts in here.

Actually, the bike needs to be fixed after that crash awhile back..

/This place is old, feels like just the beat up truck. I turn the engine but the engine doesn't turn... ../

Ouch..Cut myself.

((He sticks one of the greasy-bloodied fingers in his mouth before standing up and moving away.))

((ooC; Yeah. For those of you who saw, I did this entry..during the hiatus time. Ahaha. Just revived it a bit. Uh. Yeah that's it.))